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We like to think we are interesting. here’s some more information about our values, our company, and our expert team.

Our Values

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Our team may be small, but that makes us mighty. With increased efficiency and optimal communication, our projects are completed in record time. All the while, keeping you in the loop from initial inquiry to project completion.

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Our family-owned company runs on values and strict standards. Integrity is very important to us, and we promise to be honest, communicative, and cost-effective throughout your project.



We work hard so you don’t have to. Our expert team is young, with the experience of our mentors to guide our work. Our projects look great and stay great with high-quality materials and work ethic. Visit our gallery to see more.

Our Company

Decro CM was born out of necessity. The leaders of our industry are unfortunately reaching the retirement bracket, leaving a void of traditional craftsmanship that our country’s structural infrastructure was built upon.

Decro has the advantage of being a strong group of young, quality trained Masons that were apprenticed under these master craftsmen. Hiring Decro gives you the craftsmanship of the unsung heroes who built the foundations of the buildings we walk through today but the earnest determination and strength of the youth they once had.

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Our Expert Team

Decro CM’s team is comprised of all competent and trade school graduate employees. We have local bond contracts with Labors 563 and Bricklayers 1. This gives us unfettered access to thoroughly trained staff and continual education regarding our intricate projects. While offering the ability to scale our staff to accommodate different project sizes.

What makes us different than the rest? Our ownership team is grown out of the old stock of commercial masonry and construction.

Brian Deose was born and raised in the industry with experience going back to when he was 12 years old as a helpful labor on job sites. To today in his late 30’s as a quintessential labor foreman that has aided in coordinating some of the largest commercial scoped projects built in the metro area.

Jacob Crothers was originally inducted into the concrete and masonry industry outside of the native lands of Minnesota although starting at a similar age. His experience stems from mostly non-union residential projects up until 7 years ago when he transitioned to union commercial projects and has since came to be a thoroughly qualified masonry foreman on commercial projects spanning multiple years.

Discover the premier, family-owned concrete and masonry company in Metro Minneapolis.

We will strive to keep your role simple, complete each project with integrity, and leave you with results you are proud to show off.